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Provider Sheri Dean

Sheri Dean is a board-certified Family Nurse Practioner providing primary care for 7 years. She has been in the nursing field for 20 years. She obtained her Graduate degree in Nursing from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where her husband served in the U.S. Air Force. Throughout her career, she has cared for patients from birth to the end of life. She has worked with patients in their homes and hospitals, urgent care, and clinic settings. Sheri is passionate about providing quality care and dedicated to joint decision making with her patients. When Sheri is not caring for patients, she enjoys being with her family, gardening, running, and traveling.

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Aspen tree leaf, representing  Grove Family Health


Grove Family Health will provide high quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare. We believe in going back to the roots of primary care; creating a partnership between patient and provider that ensures education, connection, and support through illness and health.

Our Vision

Grove Family Health will deliver exceptional physical, mental, and emotional care dedicated to the patient's well-being. Grove Family Health will lead the community to better healthcare through proactive primary care using the Direct Primary Care service model.

Aspen Tree leaf- Representing Grove Family Health
Aspen Tree Leaf represnting Grove Family Health.


Comprehensive patient-centered care

  • Appointments set at patients’ convenience

  • Longer appointment times

  • Caring for the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical well being

  • Illness prevention and health promotion through education and support


  • The provider will be available by text or email 

  • Same or next-day appointments

    • In-person or via tela health

Affordable cost 

  • Cost-effective monthly membership fees 

  • Fair cash based specialist fees 

  • Modest fees on special imaging 

  • Low lab and medication cost

The story behind
the name
Grove Family Health

As a child, one of my favorite memories was taking trips to Quaking Aspen forests in Utah and Wyoming. I sat down on the forest floor, watching the leaves of the Aspen trees flutter in the wind. I remember the feeling of magic, peace, and warmth. When researching the Aspen forests I discovered the strength of these endless groves. Above the ground, they appear to be individual trees, but below the ground, they are supported and connected as one root system. This unique root system makes them stronger and able to thrive as one.

 This fascinating and beautiful metaphor about one system working together to grow and sustain life inspired me to name my firstborn daughter Aspen and also inspired me to open a medical practice that would operate similarly Grove Family Health. At Grove Family Health, our services go beyond just treating your illnesses. We strive to partner with you in achieving and maintaining your healthcare goals. With my extensive healthcare knowledge, education, and support, I am committed to helping you thrive in all aspects of your life.

Aspen Grove representing the link to  Grove Famly Health.
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