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More than a school/sports physical!

As the new school year approaches, parents scramble to get appointments with a primary care provider to get a physical or sports physical. A friend told me the other day that she could not get her daughter in until a couple of weeks after the physical was due with her primary care provider. At Grove Family Health, we can guarantee same or next-day appointments for your child's sports or school physical at a low price with much more convenience. As a parent, I know this can seem like another box that needs to be checked, another task to complete before the busy school year; however, this is a great opportunity for you and your child to communicate with concerns or potential concerns. In many cases, some health conditions don’t present as obvious symptoms, or as parents, we may regard them as growing pains or other minor complaints. A school physical is a great opportunity for a proactive healthcare provider to recognize any potential problems or issues. Addressing issues early on can improve long-term health outcomes for your child. Physical health should not be the only focus for the health care provider providing the physical for your student. Mental health contributes greatly to your student's academic and personal success. It is important to have a healthcare provider that discusses and addresses the challenges and stressors for your student about the upcoming year. As partners in health care for you and your family, Grove Family Health will have the time and commitment to identify things early and develop plans for a happy, healthy year!

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